NADA Behandling

50 kr.

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What is Nada?

It is a system that brings people more into balance. In other words, it is a form of treatment that balances and strengthens the body's functions, and restores inner calm and focus in the client. 

Who can benefit from the treatment? Anyone who has lost inner calm and control can benefit from NADA. I have very good experiences with Nada´s effect on stress, ADHD, PTSD and depression, but I recommend that everyone in a development process give themselves this little breathing room. All without exception express that the NADA is a wonderful form of self-care.

  • Stress relief

  • Relive headaches
  • Pain relives
  • Better sleep
  • Reduce anxiety, restlessness and worriness

  • Strengthen bones, joints, muscles

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Better excretion of waste substances, and thus also excretion of medicine, alcohol etc.

  • Regulate hormone balance and mood swings

  • Regulate digestion

  • Regulate pulse and blood pressure

NADA works well together with other treatment, whether it is medical treatment or psychotherapy. 

How is the treatment given? 

Five small, thin, sterile needles are given in each ear. The client sits with these needles for approx. 45 minutes. Or 5 small magnetic balls are placed on specific areas on the ears, these will last for 3 days till 3 weeks.

Does the treatment hurt? 

As very small, thin needles are used, the treatment is almost painless. But sometimes, if the point is very tender, a small prick can be felt when the needle is inserted. 

Are there side effects to the treatment? 

Overall, there are no side effects. There may be a tingling, tingling or "current" either in the ear or the jaw. This is usually a good sign. It can be seen that old problems or symptoms can flare up in a shorter period. It is normal and can be considered a good process. It is not unusual that during or after the treatment you may become very tired. However, the fatigue wears off quickly.

After the treatment?
Be sure to drink lots of water.